Movie Review: The One I Love

Listing this as a romantic comedy is a severe injustice. The One I Love is equal parts comedy, drama, psychological thriller, with a dash of science fiction. It’s the kind of romantic comedy that Christopher Nolan would make if Christopher Nolan made romantic comedies.

The storyline starts out simple enough – a married couple having lost that loving feeling is off on a weekend retreat to see if anything can be done to renew their love for each other. Expecting to have a weekend of soul-crushing, existential dialog on the meaning of love and their relationship, they instead walk into this weird, alternate universe where each one morphs to become the ‘perfect version’ for the other to love.

Or do they?

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Movie Review: Brian and The Boz

My gluttony for sports documentaries is well-known but this time the pay-off wasn’t there.

Brian Bosworth was arguably the best linebacker to ever play college football. Why exactly that didn’t translate into a half-way decent pro career was an unsolved mystery for decades. And after this film…it’s still an unsolved mystery.

The film starts out with Brian Bosworth looking off camera and making a comment to the director – “I’m going to come off in this film looking like a complete idiot.” Not a complete one.

But he also doesn’t come off as an older, wiser, father figure either.

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CFP Final Results

Week 1: 8 for 8 teams, 8 for 8 positions
Week 2: 8 for 8 teams, 6 for 8 positions
Week 3: 8 for 8 teams, 4 for 8 positions
Week 4: 8 for 8 teams, 8 for 8 positions
Week 5: 8 for 8 teams, 6 for 8 positions

Final Week: 8 for 8 teams, 6 for 8 positions

Final CFP Rankings

1 ALABAMA 12-1
2 OREGON 12-1
5 BAYLOR 11-1
6 TCU 11-1

Let’s tackle the minor problem first – I had Michigan State ahead of Mississippi State and I’m not sure the logic of switching those two teams at all. Neither played and I’m not sure the bowl situation was changed either but that’s the least of the worries.

The big debate is how can TCU fall from 3 to 6 after winning 55-3. The short answer is – they should have never been ranked 3 in the first place. And yes, they should feel a bit shafted but not nearly as much as Baylor. Baylor not only got dissed by the CFP but also by their own conference. The Big 12 – home of the one true conference champion. Unless you have a director who says we are going to share and the results on the field don’t matter. Between that nonsense and a weak non-conference schedule of Baylor, a lot of this grief is self-imposed. I have a suggestion for a new slogan: The Big 12 – where the points keep flowing and the games don’t really matter.

Big 12 apologists can blame the CFP all they want but the real culprit is the combination of two things. First – a non-conference schedule that is very weak. That alone hurt but without a conference championship game to add to the resumé it was killer.

Which leads to #2: the greed of Texas. A couple of years ago when CU, Nebraska, Texas A&M, and Missouri left, instead of scrambling to find 12 teams or to at least keep 2 of the old teams – Texas pushed to keep it at 10 schools with the reasoning that there will be more money per school and with no conference championship game to put our best team in double jeopardy, there will be more opportunities to put Big 12 teams in championship games.

The irony of all of this? If those two teams left were Texas and Oklahoma instead of TCU and Baylor, the Big 10 would have been shut out.

Ohio State isn’t a bad choice. They won a weak conference with a 3rd string QB. There really isn’t a whole lot of difference between the three and the committee had to pick one and with all the drama of the Big 12 plus the beatdown of Wisconsin plus the brand of OSU – it all equaled that #4 spot.

Now it’s time to start playing the games.

CFP Final Predictions

Like I said earlier this week – if the top 4 win out, how do you change them? No matter what the committee does, somebody is going home angry.

Here’s what I think they will do.

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Florida State
4. Ohio State

5. Baylor
6. TCU
7. Michigan St.
8. Mississippi St.

If there is going to be a Big 12 rep, it ought to be Baylor but no matter how you slice it – there are going to be some angry fans come Sunday afternoon.

CFP Results, December 2

Got slammed this week so haven’t had time to follow up on CFP rankings.

Week 1: 8 for 8 teams, 8 for 8 positions
Week 2: 8 for 8 teams, 6 for 8 positions
Week 3: 8 for 8 teams, 4 for 8 positions
Week 4: 8 for 8 teams, 8 for 8 positions

This week: 8 for 8 teams, 6 for 8 positions

1. Alabama (1)
2. Oregon (2)
3. TCU (4)
4. Florida State (3)
5. Ohio State (5)
6. Baylor (6)
7. Arizona (7)
8. Michigan State (8)

Big surprise was TCU ahead of Florida State. This is a HUGE move for many reasons.

First, it pretty much says to FSU that if you lose the ACC Championship game, you are out.

Second, this makes it really difficult for Baylor or Ohio State to get in playoff. Can they jump FSU and TCU with their games this weekend?

With TCU, Ohio State, Baylor ranked together, it’s whoever wins biggest. If all win out, compare the wins. Obviously, that would have put TCU in a tough spot given that both OSU and Baylor play ranked opponents AND TCU has already lost to Baylor.

By the way – Big 12 move to present TCU and Baylor as co-champions is a total travesty. For years we’ve heard from the Big 12 that it’s the only conference with a true champion because all the teams play each other. Apparently, the outcome of those games don’t really matter.

Now, it’s possible that all three win out and think of the options for the committee.

1. Drop FSU, put TCU & Baylor in. Or TCU & OSU. Or OSU and Baylor. Imagine the outcry in any of those situations???

2. Keep it as it is and Baylor and Ohio State both with conference championship rings are sitting on the outside, one to a team that it has already beaten.

3. Move FSU back to 3, add in OSU or Baylor. TCU wins and falls from 3 to 5 or 6.

Bottom line – even though it’s just one space, the committee set themselves up for major controversy 5 days from now.

What To Make of The St. Louis Rams vs. St. Louis PD

Five football players walk onto the field with the arms held up in the ‘Don’t Shoot’ stance that has come to symbolize the tensions in Ferguson, Missouri. It was in their words – a show of support for the community, an acknowledgment that the real world is dealing with real problems but we are going to pause to play football in the middle of it.

The St. Louis police department demanded an immediate and public apology from the NFL and the St. Louis Rams. They got neither yet they released a statement today that they did get an apology. Then the Rams released a statement saying – we didn’t apologize for anything.

We can critique the player’s information and disagree with their choice of public support, but they owe no one an apology. They didn’t stop the game, they didn’t hurt anyone, they didn’t hold a vile press conference spewing hate and anger all over the airwaves. They didn’t even cause that much of a ripple…until the SLPD decided to get involved.

The irony of all this? A few months ago the community demanded from the police department and district attorney’s office to bring in a 3rd party to hear the trial. The nation got to see that response – they ignored it. Karma? Payback?

Once again, this is a very public display of a police department and city government that really doesn’t get it. What would have been around 10 minutes of coverage, they’ve turned into yet another chapter of media firestorm to this story.

It would seem that the police have more important things to be concerned about than the silent protest of a handful of NFL players. However, it may be wise for those particular players to avoid Ferguson and any encounters with law enforcement in the near future.

CFP Predictions for December 2nd

It was an AWESOME weekend of football. As Amy and I sat freezing in Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday night, it was hard to imagine that it was over. Just like the playoff hopes for a few teams.

1. Alabama
The Iron Bowl continues to be THE college football rivalry. Nothing could ever match the drama of last year’s game but this one came close. Alabama showed what it is capable of – both good and bad. Their hold of #1 is sure…at least one more week.

Remaining game: SEC Championship game against Missouri

2. Oregon
The Civil War was more like a Hostile Beatdown. Oregon decimated Oregon State. Everyone wants to see that offense against Alabama’s defense.

Remaining game: Pac-12 Championship Game against Arizona

3. Florida State
Florida State showed nothing new. Except how awful Florida’s offense was. If FSU has 4 turnovers against Georgia Tech – it will be very different.

Remaining games: ACC Championship Game against Georgia Tech

4. TCU
I know Baylor beat them but after watching them they have a good defense, great offense, and great special teams.

Remaining games: Iowa State

On Deck: The Next 4

Ohio State
Barrett injury is really going to hurt in upcoming championship game against Wisconsin. A bad Michigan team kept it close.

Remaining games: Big 10 Championship game against Wisconsin

Was ready to elevate Baylor above Ohio State and TCU but they barely escaped Texas Tech. They have a chance to climb up some spots with a win against K-State.

Remaining games: Kansas State

With UCLA and Georgia both losing, it’s either Michigan State or Arizona and seeing how Arizona beat Oregon already once this year (and last), they get this spot. This gets real interesting if they beat Oregon.

Remaining games: PAC 12 Championship Game against Oregon

Michigan State
MSU has no chance of making the playoffs but they are a good team and their only two losses? Oregon and Ohio State. Not too bad.