I’m NOT Ready To Worship

I can not even begin to communicate how completely torqued I am right now.

Friday – come home, kids and I are playing. Amy turns around and sees Cayden STANDING on my laptop. No big deal, we thought. Gave her a little pop on the leg, a hug, back to normal in 3 minutes.

Then this morning. I turn it on. Not good.

Believe or not, Dell was helpful. They helped me get the screen back to normal but I the PCI card slot is smashed. No wireless technology for the Grantser anymore.

So it’s Sun AM, an hour before worship and I just want to punt my two-year old. But I can’t – for obvious reasons plus the fact that she wouldn’t have a clue why she was in trouble in the first place……..

So I am going to find her. Hug and kiss her. Then hand her back to her mom…at least until lunch…then I’ll be fine.

4 thoughts on “I’m NOT Ready To Worship

  1. Barry says:

    Dell is sometimes worth the trouble… occasionally they do pretend to want to be helpful.

    By the way, what in the world was your laptop doing on the floor when you have 3 kids??? :-) Sorry to hear about the loss of limb!

  2. Couple of points of clarification…

    one, the laptop was on the sofa, not the floor.

    second, I am nowing on the laptop using my NEW USB wireless modem.

    I love technology…most of the time.

  3. Morgan says:

    But Cayden is so cute…you can’t hurt her!

    I do hope your laptop is fixed soon though.

    Memphis was fun! Thanks for taking us!!!

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