Cold, Ran, Broke, Fixed, Not Quite Fixed

It was 27 degrees today and windy.

Got on elliptical to work out. Amy headed outside to walk. It had climbed to a balmy 36 by the time she was outside.

I get about 10 minutes into my workout and Amy calls -“It’s not that bad. You can do this.”

She was probably right…but I was already in the zone and didn’t really want to stop, gear up and catch up.

10 minutes later, the elliptical goes into this wobbly mass of chaos. I try to push through it but it’s just getting worse. This machine was a hand-me-down and my dad has fixed multiple times. If it was a horse, we’d already would have put it down.

I climb off, grab some tools and start taking it apart with hopes of fixing it. After 25 minutes, it’s fixed. I test it out, it’s still a little loose. Not perfect but by now I’ve run out of time.

Probably will brave the cold in the AM. I just don’t like the wind. It feels like a million needles going straight through me. BUT…I’ve dropped over 30 pounds this summer and fall and I’ve got to keep it off. MAINTAIN until the spring then another big push.

2 thoughts on “Cold, Ran, Broke, Fixed, Not Quite Fixed

  1. Lisa says:

    The colder it is…the faster you walk. Cold is better any day than walking in Kanasas heat.
    Throw on your ski clothes and get out there.

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