A Prayer For A New School Year

School starts tomorrow for the girls, Wednesday for Cooper.


I pray for my kid’s teachers. Give them energy to be excited about learning. May my kids catch this excitement. Give them perspective as to how to best challenge my kids without breaking their spirit. Give them courage to push them further than they think they can go as well as the relational smarts to be a trusted mentor.

I pray for my kid’s friends. That they would be people of character, humor, and honor. That they would learn more than just math, science, and history with each other. That they would learn what deep friendship means.

I pray for my kids. Protection from bullies, courage to stand up to them and for those who can’t stand for themselves. Pray they would have eyes for others – finding somebody to befriend and serve. I pray they learn and do their best academically but more than that – I want them to grow deeper into You. That these experiences all would somehow point them back towards you.

I pray for Amy and I. We’ve never been the parents of a 15, 13, and 10 year old. Help us figure out how to let them grow up into who You have made them to be while still maintaining some sort of discipline.

Help them remember that it’s just school. It’s important but not vital. Form their character, draw them closer to you. That’s what really important.

Help me remember that as well.


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