Air Chance

Budapest -Day 1

Great flight – overall. Saw our luggage in Paris getting loaded on the
truck. Land in Budapest, nothing. Not one piece of luggage. Guess who
had the great idea of packing the coats in the luggage because we wouldn’t
need them until we got there?

Yep. It’s 32 degrees and snowing. Remember gang, it’s not Air France,
it’s Air Chance. Supposedly they will deliver our luggage sometime
tonight. How kind of them.

What exactly is the purpose of the French on the planet
anyway?….kissing, that’s right.

Budapest is. What a cool city. We sleep tonight – hit the coffee shops
and downtown tomorrow. Will upload pics tomorrow!

We are here, we are safe, we are tired, and we are ON VACATION!



One thought on “Air Chance

  1. Hey BroGood to hear you made it safe and sound. Tell Amy she needs to carry the coats with yall next time, I am sure you had to argue with her over it. Any chance you can hook up and play xbox overthere? That would be pretty sweet. It was good to see you this past week. You seem pretty run down, maybe after the holidays we can get a chance to hang out in the “wild”. Maybe another trip to Soto when it snows. If you happen to see Matt McClure on that side of the world, tell him to write some one. Haven’t heard from him in a while.Look forward to seeing your pics. Tell everyone I said hello.


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