Cafe in Budapest

Central Cafe

Amy and half of Val at the Central Cafe’ Shop in downtown Budapest. The coffee is good, their serving sizes are small. Guess that is why we are fat Americans! ha ha. With your coffee they bring you a cup of water to “clear your palette.” Minor Detail – it’s not normal water. It’s like mineral water – tastes like water from West Texas. Has a bitter bite to it. Valerie loves them – figures. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cafe in Budapest

  1. Be it known that only people with extremely good taste enjoy mineral water with gas. (I foresee a rebuttle about the word “gas” coming!) Another known fact is that people with good taste also write a friend’s (or relative’s) name in full, for instance, “Valerie” not “Val.” Maybe you will become more cultured while visiting Europe! Hee hee.


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