Easier to See Somewhere Else…

Went to church in Budapest with my bro-in-law and family. They meet on a college campus. How kickin’ is that? During the service, my mind just started frying.

Ever have those moments? You’re supposed to be paying attention to something fairly important but in a moment of pure, unadulterated insight, you figure out exactly how the Broncos can salvage their 7-5 season. You invent the longer lasting beef jerky.

So here we are in church and my brain is just en feugo…(is that how you spell it?). You know what would be cool? To do church COMPLETELY DIFFERENT here! Their Hungarians!! They haven’t had the church for 60 years!

So – since they love coffee shops and bars – set up church like! Break out the coffee makers, set up 4 tops with chairs. Sing a little, bust out a 15 minute devo that brings up deep, eternal issues – then have your missionaries sit around and talk with him over coffee!

Brilliant! I am a freakin’ genius. “My work here is done. Remember to tip your waitress.”

But then we had 24 hours of travel back home. Lots of time to think.

You know – Americans like coffee shops and bars. We like pontificating about stuff. We much prefer conversation over preaching. So…why am I NOT changing how I am doing church?

So much easier to see somewhere else.


One thought on “Easier to See Somewhere Else…

  1. G…Not your point I know, but I wanted you to know that I just got off the phone with a friend whose hubby was speaking at the weekly meeting of our Campus Ministry here in Budapest. It is held in a COFFEE BAR that is is owned and operated by a church in Pest…three people accepted Christ! Cool!..V


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