Flipper, Border Patrol

Tonight at a Christmas party we were talking about the 3 smartest animals in the world. The completely unofficial and uninebreated guesses we came up with were: 1. Dolphins. 2. Some special species of parrot. 3. The pot-bellied pig.

Of course, most of the people having this conversation were native Arkansans (pronounced – Are Can Zans) so the inclusion of the pig shouldn’t surprise us. Which led to a conversation of how incredible the sense of smell of the pig has – digging up mushrooms. So why aren’t we using drug pigs instead of drug dogs? I guess most people don’t fear a pot-bellied pig ripping their esophagus out during a drug search like they do a German Shepherd.

An unconfirmed story surfaced about dolphins “herding” a bunch of human swimmers together off the coast of Florida. The swimmers claim that they saw a shark swim by and that the dolphins were herding them together and swimming around them to protect the humans from shark attacks.

I guess all those years of Flipper weren’t a total waste.

So if they are the most intelligent and easy to train, why aren’t we training them to be border patrol? Or lifeguards at the beach? I realize a drug sniffing dolphin would intimadate noone and be hard to transport to high schools and international airports.


One thought on “Flipper, Border Patrol

  1. No, the rabbit is obviously the smartest animal. Man, do you live under a rock or something? Elmer may not have been the sharpest saw around, but Bugs outwitted him every time.And I think the mouse is definitely the fastest animal. At least those Mexican mice. Ariba, Ariba!!


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