Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful

Remember a couple of weeks ago I said buying a car sucks. It does.

I will post pics of my new pimp daddy ride tomorrow and the ridiculous story of how we got it – nothing is ever easy for us.

But for now – I’m praying for my dad and his colonoscopy. Is that how you spell it? Hope things come out all right.

Ate at the Back Porch in Destin tonight. Italian Fried Grouper. Key Lime Pie. I am going to eat at this restaurant every single day I am here. It is the best place to eat in the US. This has been a great month for my eatery list. I’ve had 4 entries in the top 8. That’s incredible. Think about it – four world records broken in one month. Just unheard of.

While we are here – here is my list.

Pappadeux’s, Dallas, Texas
Cajun seafood, best blackened fish outside New Orleans but what makes this place noteworthy are two things. Service and Crepe’s stuffed with ice cream for dessert.

Adler, Budapest, Hungary NEW ENTRY
Great goulash – oh however you spell it. Desert was wonderful.

The Coffee Shop Across the Street from Charles Bridge Residence, Prague, Czech Rep. NEW ENTRY
A hole in the wall breakfast place. Coffee was great. Made these little thin waffle things with eggs. Oh my gosh.

Bella Dona, Prague, Czech Rep. NEW ENTRY
Italian joint around corner from Municipal House. Get the Tortillini and desert.

Czechy ???, Prague, Czech Rep. NEW ENTRY
Some incredible eatery my bro-in-law hooked me up with in Prague. A literal hole in the wall you walk in, go downstairs to the basement then eat the Bohemian Plate.

Word of Life Camp, Porte Allegre, Brazil.
I hesitate to put this on the list because if people found out how well we eat on the mission trip – they would either all come with us or quit classifying it as a mission trip. These older ladies who don’t speak a lick of English throw out some of the most incredible meals I’ve ever experienced.

The Back Porch, Destin, Florida.
Amberjack, Grouper, it just doesn’t matter. If it swims, order it. They will cook it to perfection.

Gauchos, Porte Allegre, Brazil.
You eat, then you eat some more, throw up, then you eat.


One thought on “Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful

  1. Pretty sad that there are only 2 restaurants in the US that make your Top Ten. You are definately letting the secret out that the mission field isn’t always living in grass huts and eating reptile delicacies. Actually, after living overseas for a year and a half, the US restaurants get elevated back to the list. When we were back in the states last month, we pretty much ate our way through the trip.


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