No Pictures, Just Frost

I have about a jillion pictures from Destin to Grove Hill and the USB plug that Fuji specifically designed for my camera is safe and snug on my computer desk in Little Rock. So that kinda puts a cramp in my bloggin’ style – if you know what I mean.

We are in Grove Hill, Alabama with my dad and his wife. The whole town knows each other for the most part – around 2,000 people. And, keeping with small town tradition, there is the Christmas hunt. Actually it’s done on Christmas Eve but it’s called the Christmas hunt.

Suddenly at 6:15 AM on December 24th, I remembered why I don’t deer hunt anymore. It was 22 degrees, wind flying at 15 mph from Iceland. It’s been a long time since I’ve been that cold. Frost was on the barrel of the .270.

I text messaged Amy around 8:45 AM. I’m freezin’ my bum off and all I got in front of me are does. “Doe a deer, a female deer.” (Sound of Music is actually one of the few musicals that is okay for guys to watch. It’s got Nazi’s in it.)

I love my dad but I am concerned for him. Living this way can’t be healthy.

More pics and blogs later.

We drive home tomorrow!! In a Sequoia that looks like a U-Haul.


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