Defining Chick Flick

Seeing that Valentine’s Day is this week, I want to help all our male readers out there. Yes, V Day is the BIGGEST FRAUD OF A HOLIDAY ON THE CALENDAR. It was built into our calendar by greeting card companies and florists to help boost their sales between the post-Christmas funk and the Mother’s Day/Easter/Graduation trifecta of the spring. But that’s not important right now.

What is important is that more than likely you are going to be forced to watch a chick flick – one way or another. It’s inevitable. It’s like death. Or taxes. Or middle school girl giggling.

First, let’s define Chick flick…

chick flick
n. A movie with themes, characters, or events that appeal more to women than to men.

That’s a decent starting definition.

This chart by Kathy Shaskan is helpful in most regards but it is equally clear that she isn’t down with guy movies.

Right off the bat – you see what is at stake here. You are going to have to watch a movie that has an incredibly high potential of sending you into Postal Mode. THAT is where I come in.

I want to arm you with movies that will not totally drive you off the edge into Postal Oblivion. We already talked about movies to avoid.

Next post – tolerable solutions to this faux holiday.


2 thoughts on “Defining Chick Flick

  1. I read that article…and I have to admit, but Chick Flicks kinda suck.Everything she listed on the Chick Flick side was truly awful. It depicts the depravity of mankind (broken relationships, need for passion for fulfillment, etc). Whereas, on the guy side, we had totally unrealistic excitement that just helps us escape the “Chick Flick” crap we put up with daily at the workplace.If more women had (corporate) jobs, they’d like guy movies more. Because if they had those jobs, all they’d want to do is watch other people die and stuff get blown up. God, thank you for making me male. Every new day I stay married and learn more about women and the stuff they deal with, the greater my passion for that prayer increases.


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