Searching For Bobby Fischer

I’m debating on whether to tell Coop about this or not. I mean – arguably the greatest chess player to ever live – fighting over a boiled egg?

As another comment to the story – let Iceland have him. I think people feel the same way about the condition of Bobby Fischer as they do the NHL. That is a whopping 2,814 people who have taken USA Today’s NATIONAL SURVEY.

The good news is that both Bobby Fischer and the NHL have an opportunity to be on a first name basis with all their fans.


One thought on “Searching For Bobby Fischer

  1. Bobby was such a big deal in the ’70s. The whole country got behind this querky guy because he was kicking some Russian booty. After Bobby, chess went back into the dark hole. “Searching” was one of those life lesson movies I watched with my kids. What I got was a life lesson from Joe Mantuagua’s character. THX….That one is going on the “I need to rent this movies soon” list.


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