Leadership 101 – Serve

Ran across this quote on the comments section of this post. I think I like the guy who wrote it but I disagree with his quote.

I dont think the problem is the congregation. The problem is a lack of leadership that has knowledge of how to lead. I have been in churches where the vision is clear, the strategy is clear, and it worked! People met Jesus, Jesus changed people’s lives, and people went on to serve him. People bought into the vision, and the church functioned. Granted, I have been involved in the top 1% of the churches in this nation (well, until my current church), but it can happen. What we need to do is encourage our leaders to figure out what leadership is.

Hmmm….where to start?

First off – the guy who wrote this is a good guy – at least what I’ve read of him. So there will be no “blow the infidel up” rant here. I just think he’s articulated the glaring (mis)definition of leadership.

Biblical leadership is NOT defining the vision. Jesus does that and has done that. Check out Matthew 22:37-39 and Matthew 28:18-19. GE’s Version – Love God, Love Others, Take others with you on that journey.

Biblical leadership is NOT focusing on the strategy (or how to do the vision). Strategy is important to us. I’m not convinced how important it is to Him. At least on the level we operate. Sometimes stragety falls more into the manipulation category.

I do think Jesus is concerned that we do this in community. That we do it for His glory and purposes, not ours. I think He’s gifted some folks to figure stuff out but He’s concerned in HOW they use that gift as well as IF they use it.

The top 1% comment? He’s gonna get enough grief over that one from others. 🙂 If the definition of successful church doesn’t have room for the Underground Church movement and its struggles AND the West Texas in the middle of nowhere church but the GC’s are being done – it’s a bad definition.

So what then is leadership? Jesus again – Mark 10:42-45.

I’m gonna unpack each of these in upcoming blogs – but in this one exchange Jesus drills down 3 points.

1. It isn’t positional, hierarchal leadership that He modeled or desires.
2. We serve the mission, not people.
3. The mission is worth and will demand your life. In other words, we are expendable.

How does that hit you?

Major thanks to Dead Youthpastor, TallSkinnyKiwi, and Gene in getting my wheels turning.


3 thoughts on “Leadership 101 – Serve

  1. Righto. Leadership, Vision, Strategy – current concepts altered to fit Christ’s message. His leadership, vision and strategy don’t make the examples in modern books on those subjects (except maybe leadership).But anyway 1.2.3. I’m with you on 1. 2. I serve God and do what he says. I’m not serving a mission, although I’m one one. I do serve people, as that is my clear marching order. 3. I am not expendable. On the contrary, I see that God went to enormous lengths to NOT expend me. I am told to expend myself, to die to myself. Maybe it’s just semantics, but the difference between being expended by God (sounds like lack of love by God) is different than expending myself (sound like complete love of God by me in response to his complete love) is significant.There are a bunch of friends of mine in Paducah, Kentucky at Heritage Bible Church that have worshipped and grown deep spiritually for the last 15 years in a congregation that has not grown past 50. They’ve convinced me of the truth of what dead-youth-pastor-walking said (http://deadyouthpastor.blogspot.com/) And BTW, where was that comment you quoted on this post? I couldn’t find it on http://deadyouthpastor.blogspot.com/


  2. Grant, this has nothing to do with your above post, but I have enjoyed reading what you and Jerry both have to say. I tend to side with you but I wonder if I am not just bias?Have you heard the new KJ cd? If so, is it worth the $?


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