Life Cycle of a Life Group

So we show up at our first LIFE Group meeting and all of this just happens, right? We immediately start hammering on the 5 spiritual disciplines and LIFE. Yeah, right.

If you have spent anytime at all in a group, you know it takes time to build trust. So how does a group move from a bunch of individuals who know little to nothing about each other to a small community that is encountering Jesus and being changed by Him together? Time and tools.

The tools are blending the 5 disciplines while doing L I F and E. The time issue has to do with the life cycle of a Life Group.

Cycles of A Life Group

Show Up
Key Question: Is this worth my time? Are they real?

Getting people together is the first step of building any kind of community. The key question that must be answered: “Is this worth my time.” People may never verbalize this but they want to be a part of a group that is growing, fun, vibrant, caring and real.

Other key questions are: Are they real? Do they deal with real life stuff? Are they fake? Are they ‘touchable’?

Shed Skin
Key Question: Can they be trusted?

If our LIFE Groups are going to get to this phase, it will require vulnerability – from leaders. The main reason we don’t get vulnerable is because we are afraid of being rejected or condemned. So our LIFE Groups have to be a safe place to be real. We unwrapped how to do this in the Community Disciplines section.

Share Lives
Key Question: Will I Let Them In?
The more time a group spends together, the easier this becomes. This is beyond just hanging out with each other and being present at significant milestones. It is also an issue of access.

Shape Hearts
Key Question: Will I adjust my life?
This is life change. This is where we begin to see the influence of God on each other by the decisions we are making.

Next Session: Highlights & Holy Moments


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