Our Structure

It’s not enough to know the reason behind LIFE groups and the bullseye. We need some structure to get anything out of it. Having blueprints are great, but it is better to have an actual building.

The ideal size of a LIFE group is between 10 to 15 people. It is very hard for a Leader and Intern to give front-row care to more than 15 people. So the goal is to birth a new LIFE group when we hit that number.

We have 3 key roles: Coach, LIFE Group Leader, and Intern. Inside a particular LIFE Group you might have a host couple or even a social guru. You can be as creative, lazy, or efficient as you want here, but the core leadership consists of these three.

Let’s start with the Intern. The main responsibility of the Intern is to be a sponge. We want him/her to observe and absorb both the how’s and the why’s of LIFE group. An intern will gain an ever-increasing circle of responsibility within the LIFE Group. This includes discipling new believers, specific care for certain LIFE Group members, and leading a meeting every now and then.

The LIFE Group leader shares the responsibility for the health of the LIFE Group along side an intern. The LIFE Group Leader’s primary purpose is leading the Life Group into transformational encounters with Jesus while taking the intern along on the journey.

The Coach is responsible for discipling the LIFE Group Leader and the intern. The coach is the first line of help, encouragement, and guidance for the LIFE Group leader and intern. We will cover this in more detail when we talk about Coaching.

Expectations, Minimum
We want the Intern and LG Leader to meet every other week to not just plan the next meeting but to check on each other’s soul. This would be a great arena to evaluate the health of your group and what you would like to see them doing in the future.

We’d like the Coach to be in on one of those meetings a month as well as in one of the LIFE Groups you are coaching.

As a leadership culture, we are going to have four Confabs a year. These are times to refresh our souls as well as celebrate what God is doing in our Body through our LIFE groups.

We also have four Connections a year in which we try to jump start new LIFE groups as well as plug new faces into our current LIFE Groups. We need you to be there as well.

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