Sample Life Group Covenant

Here is what one Life Group Covenant looks like.

We commit to:
Meeting weekly for community times together, worshipping together, and studying God’s word together.

Serving others outside of our group on a bi-monthly basis.

Coming prepared to the group by praying for one another and studying God’s word.

Holding each other accountable

Pray for and reach out to our spiritually lost peers.

Working together to share the gospel with our spiritually lost peers.

Confidentiality – whatever is shared in the group, stays in the group.

A Matthew 18:15-17 process of dealing with a wrong committed against us.

Remaining teachable and open for rebuke or correction when we are in need of readjusting our lives to experience the presence and blessing of God.

We the undersigned, agree to uphold these values and goals both inside and outside our Life Group by depending upon God, praying for one another and encouraging one another to live according to them. We will do this with grace and truth, forgiving and restoring one another with love.


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