Why Are We Here?

The definition of a clueless leader is one who doesn’t know where he is going and why he is going there. That is what a mission and vision gives. Fortunately for us, our vision and mission as believers has been given to us already by God.

I call it GC2. It’s where the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and Great Commandment (Matthew 22:34-40) intersect. We are going to love God, love others, and take someone on the journey with us. That’s overflow ministry. Or as Grace has chosen to communicate it – we want to experience and reproduce a passion for Jesus and His purposes.

Why is this our mission?
Well, duh? Jesus told us to. Matthew 28:18-20 is the mandate from Jesus to the church until he returns. Matthew 23:37-40 is how to do it. It’s inside-out, life on life, cross-cultural lifewalking.

We are going to unpack this idea of transformation later, suffice it to say now that only people changed by God can do things of God. Very few of us (if any) were argued into the Kingdom of God. Most of us (probably all) were loved into the family of God. Somehow, someway we encountered Jesus and His love for us.

That’s the beauty of GC2. The more you love God, the more He’s going to change you so that you can love others better. You would never hold out the best thing that has happened to you from someone you love – Jesus. That’s the GC2 cycle working.

I think this is exactly what Jesus was talking about in John 12:32 when He said “When I am lifted up, I will draw all men to me.” Let’s connect some dots here. Jesus was lifted up – on a cross. The cross is the ultimate expression of His love. (A shadow of this is given in Numbers 21:4-9.) When this picture of God’s unconditional love is lifted up, HE will draw people to himself.

It’s about leading people into a life-changing encounter with Jesus.

That’s the bullseye of the target. So how are we going to do this? At Grace, we believe that the best place to have this life-changing encounter with Jesus is in a Life Group.

Why Are We Here? Sessions:


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