Our definition of a coach is clear – we are disciplers of leaders. Specifically Life Group Leaders and Interns. If we, as coaches, are planning and leading a Life Group – we are failing at our prime mission. In fact, it is going to be extremely difficult to lead a Life Group and Coach more than one couple effectively.

Our goal is to have one Coach for every 2 to 4 Life Group Leaders.

So what does discipling a Life Group leader look like? There isn’t a cookie cutter answer to this. I do have some guardrails for us, though.

1. Relational Proximity
This is just fancy speak for living close with your leaders. We expect you to at the least do these things. Visit their groups four times a year. Have weekly contact with your leaders via email or phone. Grab some face time with them once a month. With consistent contact, you won’t have to start at ground zero every time you talk.

2. Soul Care
When you have that interaction, get good at asking lots of questions. How are your leaders’ souls? Where are they at in their journey with Jesus? What is the relationship like with the intern? How’s their marriage and/or kids? What is the biggest celebration point in their life? Their biggest disappointment? What heart issues are being ignored or glossed over?

3. Stay Macro
Your job is not to fix every problem in your Life Group Leaders Group. That’s the Life Group Leader and the Intern’s problem. Think big picture, Kingdom mentality. Get in the habit of answering questions with questions that will force them into deeper areas of trusting Jesus. Let them fail, then redeem/restore them.

I’ve broken these out into 4 main areas for us:



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