Correction, Spiritual & Functional

Correction, Spiritual & Functional

Our leaders will need correction in order to develop. Let’s first make a distinction between two types of correction. It’s important that all parties involved know the difference AND know which one is the topic of the day.

Spiritual Correction is about sin issues. Gossip, slander, breaking confidences, and lying. More often than not these are going to be “elephant in the room” issues. In other words, every one knows it’s there. It’s our job as Coaches to deal with it, gracefully and biblically.

Functional Correction has to do with skill level or lack thereof. Does the leader let discussions wander off and never closes them? Is the leader allowing one person to monopolize the group? Are there habits that are limiting the vulnerability level of the LIFE Group? These are NOT sin issues – these are just skills that need to be sharpened.

There might be times when an issue is both spiritual and functional. In those instances – shoot for the heart issues first.

Correction doesn’t have to be a nightmare confrontation. Let the leader do a self-evaluation. Chances are the issue is already known. In fact, the best way to coach is to ask questions to see if the leader can figure it out on their own. Some examples:

How did you think the meeting went?
What went well and what could improve?
If you could do this meeting over, what would you do differently?
Do you feel like you adequately prepared for the meeting?
How could you have prepared better?
What did you enjoy most about tonight? Least?
How can I help you continue to improve?

Helpful Hints of Correction
Correction is done one on one, NEVER in front of the LIFE Group. Do we really need to explain this one? Talk about creating bitterness in our leaders.

Use the praise sandwich. Start off by praising what was done right. Next deal with the correction area. Before we end, affirm the things they are doing well.

Have action points. Give the leaders something concrete and measurable they can work on.

Follow up and feedback! Always check back in after correction to see how their heart is doing. Allow some time to hear what they’ve learned through the process.

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