How To Birth A Life Group

….Without Creating Mass Chaos

Here’s a short list of things NOT to do:

Don’t start off a Life Group Meeting by assigning people to leaders and say “see ya’ in your new group next week.

Don’t drag your feet to the point that you have 30 people in your group, enough small children to open an elementary school, and no one else can show up because the “house you meet in is “too small”.

Don’t act like birthing is never going to happen. Talk about the elephant in the room.

Okay – enough negative thoughts. How about some real life ideas?

After we (as leaders) have asked the hard questions of IF we are ready to birth, let’s figure out a plan. We also are going to have to cast the vision of birthing to our group. We do this by talking about the elephant in the room – early and often. “We need to birth because healthy, growing things birth, dead things don’t.” “We need to take others on this journey with us.”

How do we determine who goes where? Which people go with what group?
You could assign them. That normally isn’t the best option. A better way might be for the leadership team for each of the new groups (LIFE Group Leader & Intern) to invite people to join them and ask for a “commitment” from them.

Now here is the cool thing – if during the past year you and your intern had certain people in your group to look after and lifewalk with – these invitations work those relational lines.

For example – let’s say that for the past year, you had care of couples A, B, and C. In the meantime, your intern was lifewalking with couples E, F, and G. You get to the place where all the Assessment Questions were good.

Now the two new LIFE Groups have an open invitation for anybody – but you’ve “stacked” the deck so that each leader has deep relational ties to start each group. The key is that since you are only going to birth if your group is at high vulnerability – you can talk about all the different options in your life group.

Start off small and easy.
Start off meeting in the same house in different rooms. You could meet in different houses that are close to each other after an opening time with each other. Do this for a month or two.

The next month, meet in separate houses 3 out of the 4 weeks, on the 4th week all meet together. Do that for a month or two.

Have family reunions every 6 months. Celebrate significant events with each other – like a new believer or major life event. Plan some group activities – like family picnic, bowling, sky diving – to start off the LIFE Group with a shared experience.

The options are many and are only limited by your own creativity.

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