Telling Your Story

A skill that we ought to have in our backpocket is the ability to tell our experience with Jesus. As a growing servant leader, I’m going to challenge you to have two stories ready to tell.

The first story answers the question – how did you first meet Jesus and make Him leader of your life? The second story answers the question – what is He doing now with you and in you?

The First Story
If we answer three questions, we’ll have most of this story played out.

What was your life like before you met Christ?
What was the crisis or situation that led you to make the decision to follow Jesus?
What has been the effect on your life afterwards?

Write it out at first if it helps you. After you get the first rough draft down on paper, tell it to your coach or intern. After you do that – make some of these adjustments.

Is your story longer than 3 minutes long? After 2 ½ minutes, most folks are checking out of our conversation. Try to get your story short, yet memorable.

When you get that finished, add these three questions to your story.

Do you have any questions about my story?
Where are you (the listener) in this journey?
Are you interested in taking this journey with me?

There really isn’t any point in telling our stories if we aren’t going to invite others to join us.

So what happens if they say yes? That’s a great question – for you and your coach to life walk through!

The Second Story
Sorry, no formula here but here are some questions to at least get you started.

What is Jesus up to in your life right now?
What is He working on in regards to your character? Your circumstances?
What insights has He showed you recently that led to transformation in you?
What miracles have you recently been a part of?
What life-change stories are you in the middle of ?

Telling this story will require us as leaders to choose vulnerability over image manufacturing. That is where the real crux of leadership is – will we choose to be real or choose to perpetuate the image that we have it together? Only vulnerability leads to further healing and transformation. Life-changing leadership comes out of the overflow of our relationship with Jesus, not as a result of having all the skills mastered.

Telling our story is about humbly telling what our experience with Jesus is like.

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