The Falcon or the NCC1701 D

Email received today…

I have a bone to pick with you – the greatest ship of geek space lore is the NCC1701 D. It had light speed travel, plus transporters, holodecks, and Counselor Troi to boot!

By the way, why is it acceptable to see Star Wars, but you are a total geek to watch a Star Trek movie? They are both a stage for current events in a space travel setting. I think that would be a good question for next week.
I’m so confused!

I will allow the intelligence of my readership answer in full but here is the bottom line reason:

Because the NCC1701 didn’t have Han Solo or a wookie on board.


15 thoughts on “The Falcon or the NCC1701 D

  1. Also, the Millenium Falcon doesn’t need a compliment of 1,014 crew members. Check it out, I’m right. Anyway, the Falcon was operable entirely by two people, Han Solo and Chewbacca. And it managed to take out the second Death Star, effectively removing the single-most threatening piece of equipment in the galaxy. All the Enterprise ever did was to blow up a few enemy ships, ditch her “civilian” crew in bad situations and chauffer a bunch of pansy people wearing polyester one and two piece uniforms. 🙂


  2. Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Star Wars is a documentary. It happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. However, Star Trek is fantasy. It’s about what might happen in the future.The Falcon rocks! It might be a bucket of bolts, but it’s alright in my book!I enjoy my documentaries.


  3. Hold up! Star Trek is sci-fi, which make it more real that Star Wars, which is actually the fantasy. As for history…whatever.By the way, Enterprise did blow up the Borg which was a threat to the entire universe.


  4. Okay, so the enterprise blew up some cybernetic zombies…. that is a far cry from the reach of the dark side of the Force. It’s all apples and oranges though, you have a two person ship the size of a house that destroys a space station the size of a moon versus a ship that outsizes a sports stadium that just so happens to blow up a cube of a few hundred Borg. No contest there. Anyway, I like the fact that the Falcon can outmaneuver anything it goes up against. The Enterprise only goes forward in a straight line…. boring. 🙂 This is fun!


  5. Oh Geez… here we go… I have to defend Star Trek AGAIN! Alright, the Enterprise doesn’t have a wookie, but they don’t need one.. they’ve got one of nearly everything else, including a Klingon and a USEFUL robot, not some rust-buckets like C3PO and R2D2… Oh wow, it took 2 people to destroy a something designed by a dude that can’t even breathe on his own… that’s like bragging about stomping the asthmatic kid’s science project. I guess star wars is just for the troglodites that need constant action rather than actually applying deep thought… Oh, alright the last one was a little low… Of course we all know that i’m not THAT serious about Star Trek, OR Star Wars… although I did sit in line 6 years ago (the day after my High School Graduation) to wait for tickets for over 14 hours. My buddy and i sat out front of the theater with a laptop (PRE- wireless networking!)


  6. one thing that would be cool to have on the Falcon is the holodeck. but, I’ll take the falcon because it’s got that cool grappling hook thing that they used in Empire….


  7. Ahh, yes, the grappling hook, they actually used something like that in the show Star Trek – Enterprise… but I agree that the Falcon, on the holodeck of the 1701-D, would be pretty sweet.


  8. Okay, so the Enterprise is more like a luxury cruiser while the Falcon is a vintage sports car (minus the curves). Once again, apples and oranges. I will say this, I would prefer to live on the Enterprise rather than the Falcon only because it has many creature comforts that you would want while away from home. (Although I have been in places where the comforts of the Falcon would be considered luxurious) Brain power versus outright action doesn’t really compare either because the majority of the Enterprise crew are educated and can rely on each other for ideas. Han and Chewbacca don’t have that advantage, so they get by on street smarts. Besides, Vader wasn’t always the asthmatic kid on the block, and I don’t believe he actually designed the second Death Star, but then again, I’m not a hardcore geek so my ramblings may be slightly innaccurate. 🙂 Peace!


  9. I have been known to take certain… um.. “Creative Freedoms” with my rants from time to time.. i’m not sure exactly who the architect of the DS was either, but it sounded good. 🙂


  10. OK – I interpret the gospel according to Star Wars to stay that the Death Star was already underway before Anikin was a crispy critter. Why do you thing Senator Palpatine was showing it off to Darth? He was still trying to get used to his bionics at that point in time.Now, as far as the federation wearing polyester, I would feel much more equipped for confilict wearing a Federation polyester unisuit than a bunch of monk style robes. Also, I feel that personal hygine it probably better on the Enterprise than what any Jedi had to offer.By the way, think of a Jedi vs. Data- interesting…


  11. Pay attention, young Padawan… talking about the second Death Star, we were. Millenium Falcon, and Han Solo, subject matter, it was. Black pants, black vest, rugged they are. Chewbacca, hmmm.. hairy, he is. Better to fight wearing rugged clothes, or none at all, it is. Data, great he is, match for Jedi, he is not.


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