The Bronco Train is Derailing

First, the draft. They draft – count ’em folks – 3 corners, none of them taller than 6 foot.

Then they pick Maurice Clarett.

Then they signed Todd Sauerbrun – a punter with some issues.

Now they sign Jerry Rice.

What the heck is going on?

And Jerry and Rod Smith share the same number. There is no way Rod Smith gives up his number. No way.

Rod Smith is the poster child for how every football player should behave on and off the field. His work ethic is astounding. This guy volunteered to return punts last year. A Pro Bowl receiver volunteering to do that? Just doesn’t happen.

Jerry Rice was once the greatest receiver in the league – and he will probably go down as the greatest receiver of all time – but he should have taken a cue from John Elway and Barry Sanders. Go out on top, with the team you played your whole career for.

He’s tarnishing his legacy and further jacking up the already messed up Bronco off-season.


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