Ascribe to the Lord the glory due His name.
Worship the Lord in the splendor of His holiness.

That this is a core discipline probably isn’t that big of a surprise. John Piper in his book Let The Nations Be Glad says that the reason we do missions is because there are places on the earth that do not worship Jesus. And it is out of our overflow of worship to Jesus that we want to share His glory with others.

Worship answers both the why of the mission and the how to accomplish it. We’ve said all along that we best minister out of the overflow of our relationship with Jesus and worship is both the point and the fuel of that ministry. It’s what we will do for eternity.

What is surprising is how few of us do it.

I don’t mean singing. Hopefully, by now, we’ve developed (or are developing) a Romans 12:1-2 understanding of worship. What ever you do can be worship. Where is your mind in that task? For what audience are you ‘performing’?

I mean how many of us see driving to work as a potential worship experience? Taking kids to school? Being late to an appointment? Sitting in a waiting room? Playing a sport?

There is no way in one little post we are going to uncover all of the mysteries and possibilities of what worship could look like. I do want to challenge us as leaders to see all of the disciplines – both inner and Life Group – as worship. All of the disciplines can be seen as a submitting our bodies in worship to Jesus.

Or we can see them as ‘duties’ to be accomplished – which I don’t think is ascribing to the Lord what He His worth.

What are other ways you’ve found to ascribe worth to God?

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2 thoughts on “Worship

  1. Read this post early this morning before I went to work. Really had me thinking. Then of course, traffic got in the way…doesn’t ANYONE in this town know how to drive? I was getting hacked! It was then I thought(mainly because the Holy Spirit convicted me) why am I rushing through the journey and getting hacked at these innocent bystanders who are ‘in my way?’ We never saw Jesus rush anywhere did we…heck, took him four days to go raise Lazarus from the dead!

    Worship, seems to me, to be part of the journey that we seem to rush through and only do half way because WE feel we have bigger and better things to accomplish…wow, what pride!

    While we have made a lot of the spriritual disciplines somewhat discrete and autonomous in our human formulations, there is an extremely strong link between Prayer (ala pray w/o ceasing), worship, silence, fasting, etc. As we practice each one, we should also be looking to link them.

    Run well.


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