The Greatness Of The Spurs

David Robinson was my favorite NBA player. Ever. Of All Time. His lifestyle plus his ability (he ran like a freakin’ deer, strong as an ox in the paint) made him the perfect role model. There is only one other player that is in his category – Bill Russell.

Both guys were more concerned about winning than stats. Both men were gentle giants off the courts, dominating giants on.

Tim Duncan is making a push. If Tim can finish his career with the same team he started, value sportsmanship and excellence off the court as much as on the court, and keep dominating by playing basketball instead of wrestling matches – he’s in the top three.

So while it makes me nervous that most folks are picking the Spurs, I think it’s inevitable.

Plus, everybody hates the Pistons. You can thank Isaiah Thomas and Bill Lambeer for that.

That, Mr. Anderson, is the sound of inevitability.


2 thoughts on “The Greatness Of The Spurs

  1. ahh, my kind of, i personally dont care for either one of these teams, and since i was riding the suns bandwagon until the spurs caused it to crash, well.. im gonna have to pick the pistons in 7.everyone is picking the spurs, which is eerily similar to how everyone picked the lakers last year (including me). i was one of the people who didnt give detroit a chance against the lakers, so while logic dictates that san antonio should win this thing in 4 or 5 games, im going with detroit.


  2. are we forgeting about Kareem? probably the best overall center to play the game. but i do agree about Russell. nobody, and i mean nobody has ever matched his passion for playing the game.


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