Batman Begins Kicks

When you go see Batman Begins this week, go ahead and buy a ticket for the next showing. It’s that good. It’s by far the best in the Batman franchise, I’m saying it’s the best comic to movie translation that has ever been done.


At this point I am willing to entertain the idea that Batman could take Obi Wan – given if each had a light sabre. The script was tight, the characters had depth, the action was intense, the story captivating.

Best movie of the summer – probably of the year.


4 thoughts on “Batman Begins Kicks

  1. first star wars… and now THIS crap?*sigh*.our friendship is slowly falling apart, grant… slowly, but surely.hahaha.just kidding, of course. but what im not kidding about is your nerdiness. although, i do think the “war of the worlds” movie looks cool… mainly because on my recent trip to LA, i got to tour the set! yep. im pretty much in the movie i think.superman could kick batmans a**.:)


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