Not So Random Destination

It appears that is down which means that…

a. I can’t update the website
b. I can’t send out StuMail
c. I can’t get info out about our Random Destination this weekend…

Ahhhhhh, but I can! The power of the blog and a really high cell phone bill.

Because of what we are going to do this weekend – it can’t really be a completely random trip this time. So I am going to ruin the surprise for you.

This Saturday – July 23rd, we will leave the church parking lot at 9:37 AM and head east on Interstate 40 until we reach…..


We’ll grab some lunch on Beale Street, listen to some good music from the street performers, go see Mud Island if you want.


We are also going to see the Redbirds, the minor league team with a sweet ballpark in downtown. Games starts at 6.05, we’ll head home afterwards. (Yes, if you go on the trip, you HAVE to go to the game.)

5$ – gas money/bribe money for adults to go with us.
7$ – ticket to game (we’ll try to get 5$ Bluff seating but just in case we don’t.)
?$ – lunch, however expensive you want to eat – I’d suggest 10$.

Mud Island is free, the open air entertainment is free, the goofy pictures and laughter is free.

Well, not exactly. It will cost you some energy and some comfortableness.

Here is what I need…

Transportation: Any adults out there want to hang out with us and drive? I’ll pick up your lunch and your ticket and depending on what I got left over, some gas money. Just leave a comment.

Head Count.
If you (student, adult, kid) are going, let me know so I can figure out transportation.


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