Terrell Owens is an Arrogant Barnyard Animal

Let’s get this out of the way at the outset. Terrell Owens is the best receiver in the NFL. Period. There isn’t one receiver that is better than him between the hash marks.

Randy Moss? Please…he’s fast and tall but can’t run routes and completely disappears when he is doubled teamed. He’s flaky and in trouble with the law every couple of years.

Marvin Harrison? Close. He is my number 2. And personality wise – maybe the most like receiver in the bunch.

But there is no way on the planet, if I am a GM I ever, EVER sign T.O. EVER.

If you haven’t read the latest from TO, consider yourself lucky. He wants traded or released because his 7 year, 49 million dollar contract that he sign LAST YEAR isn’t enough for ‘him and his family.’

What’s he considering a family? The entire nation of Somalia?

If I’m the Eagles – I trade him (who would take him?) back to San Francisco. The worst team in the NFL.

Or to a Canadian Football Team.


3 thoughts on “Terrell Owens is an Arrogant Barnyard Animal

  1. My oh my! Another “I’m too good for the piddly millions I get paid” athlete. What a waste! It’s partly the fans’ fault, with sports being so popular, and people flocking to watch the players, it’s no wonder the athletes get such big heads. I mean, after all, the fans are there to see them play, right? But there just comes a time when being a good role-model is more important than the fact that you are ONLY going to make $49 million for this contract. Get real TO, all you do is play a GAME! Greed is a darn good way to get your image flushed to the same place I send my morning BM everyday!


  2. I tend to agree on your thoughts of Owens. He is very good at his job (WR) and putting his foot in his mouth.Case in point, in the Miami Hearld, he said, “At the end of the day I don’t have to worry about what people think of me, whether they hate me or not. People hated on Jesus. They threw stones at him and tried to kill him, so how can I complain or worry about what people think?”Someone might ought to tell Terrell that those people that tried to kill Jesus, well they succeeded. And that when trying to renegotiate your 49 million dollar contract, the Christ comparison isn’t gonna win him any points.


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