There is a danger for us leaders to be so intent on having a life changing encounter with Jesus that we start manipulating our meetings just to ‘have one.’ There is a temptation to force things to happen in LIFE Group or create unauthentic experiences just for sake of having an emotional ego trip.

Obviously, that’s not what we want. But I think we can do some things to avoid the hindrances. I think we can also do some things that will peak the spiritual eyes of our folks so that regular, routine things suddenly have deep spiritual meaning.

For example, let’s say your LIFE Group always has snacks or food at the beginning of your meeting. Instead of just milling around and small talking around the chips and salsa, through out a couple of questions that everyone has to deal with. What one question about this week’s sermon would you ask if you knew you were going to get an answer to it? What are you thankful for? What one thing did you do this week that you wish you had done differently?

The questions are just examples, but by asking folks to risk just a little bit over the snacks, you’ve just framed the evening’s discussion.

Framing is asking the participants to view something a bit different. It’s setting the table for an encounter with the Holy. It’s an invitation, not manipulation.

The Disciplines function this way – they are a kind of framing as well.

As leaders we always want to frame the evening or a meeting, but we never want to force or manipulate anything.

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