How To Use This Stuff

I want to talk about airplanes for a second.

What? Yeah – airplanes.

Which wing is your favorite?

The Right Answer: Both.

Everyone realizes that you need two wings to fly, so favoring one wing over another is not only ridiculous, but it can get you killed.

Let’s transfer that to developing a leader. A LIFE Group Leader needs both skill and heart. The danger of putting this stuff in writing is that it tends to focus mostly on the skills. Without a heart that is growing with Jesus, the skills are worthless. We are best ministering when we do so out of the overflow of our relationship with Jesus.

That’s why we spend the entire first half of the Intern year focusing on spiritual disciplines. You will only be as strong as your relationship with Jesus.

So – let’s get started. This site has two main purposes.

Purpose 1: Provide a foundational set of knowledge, skills, and vocabulary for our leaders at Grace. It’s designed as a tool for Life Group Leaders to take Interns through, and Coaches to help Life Group Leaders.

Purpose 2: A “Virtual Coffee House” to unpack Life Group Issues for us all. To see what God is doing in the groups, to unpack issues and gain some insight and wisdom from each other.

Let’s Lifewalk…


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