Preaching on Work

Kinda funny, ain’t it? Me preaching on work? It’s like me preaching on parenting…oh wait…I did that, didn’t I?

Seriously – I love work. In fact, one of the coolest traits I got from my mom and dad is a good work ethic. I like work. I like my job. It is hard for me to NOT work. On vacation – it takes me a long time to wind down…I get antsy and irritable.

I really like to work. (I also love to play…which at times is my work…which of course is like getting a double shot of expresso…but I digress.)

Even when I was working in downtown Dallas, I liked it. I mean, I hated the commute but the actual working – I loved. Some with seminary – I hated the drive. Hated half my classmates because they were blubbering, think in the box, SBC poster boys for properness – but I loved the work of study and writing. (Greek of course was the exception to that.)

But here is the caveat I’m getting as I work through Ephesians 6….I think part of the reason I love to work and love to be successful at my work was for my name’s sake…not so much God’s. I loved being the “hero” or the “rescuerer” or the “closer.” I think I found/find my identity in my success at my work.

Which might not be all bad…but it probably isn’t all good either…..

Still marinating on it. Would love some comments from those who have “real” jobs! haha ha


4 thoughts on “Preaching on Work

  1. It’s a real job thing…you wouldn’t understand!! HA HA — couldn’t resist.Actually, I’m formulating some thoughts…maybe I’ll get a chance to post tonight


  2. It seems difficult to seperate the two things, doesn’t it? Usually we choose the type of work we do because of the type of person we are or vice versa… The work we choose forms some of the person we become.


  3. Hmm. I don’t have a real job, but my lack of one has prompted me much thought on this topic.God gave Adam work to do, and then He cursed it with weeds. (Gen 3:15)So right off the bat we have complications.The Old Testament is full of people who failed at what they were trying to do but made it onto God’s historical record because they let Him work through them.It’s also full of people who couldn’t get past their fixation with idols.Jesus tells us to die to ourselves (Mark 8:34), and Paul tells us to sacrifice ourselves (Rom 12:1,2).So I think the goal is to love Jesus, work appropriately, and let it happen. If anything of value will be done, it won’t be by our choosing or doing but because the Spirit chose to do something through us.Those with “real” jobs have the same framework. I’m not sure anyone has it any easier trying to keep their eyes on the ball.


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