I just got done watching ESPN Sportscenter and I saw some VERY disturbing things.

1. This:



I am hoping that this is just a preseason/training camp practice uni and the ‘boys aren’t shifting to a white helmet. It’s not that I don’t like the white helmet…okay – it is that. Plus it looks like a bad fantasy football team helmet.

2. Then this:

I didn’t think it was possible to screw up the Bengal uniform anymore.

I was wrong. Leave it to Cincy to pull this out of the dryer…Let’s see, the hideous tiger stripes? Let’s put them on the pants and on the shoulders of the jersey. And instead of an all black shirt – let’s put white down the side straight out of the arm pit…

Are they getting fashion advice from Zoolander?? Is there anyone inside the city limits of Cincinatti that has a brain concerning their team’s uni?

I’ll keep you posted…..


3 thoughts on “Uniforms…retooled

  1. ah grant. so you think you can keep people from posting about your sermon by just turning off the comments? i’ll just post right here then. can’t say anything about your sermon because i didn’t hear it. i would be willing to beat that your worst sermon was still probably better than the guest preacher we had today.anyway, i preached a message a few years back that was so bad that it’s title became synonymous with bad messages through out our territory. if someone preached a bad message then someone would say “well he ‘simon birched’ that message.” that lasted for about three years.and yes you’re right the cincy uni’s do stink.


  2. Yeah, I’m like Robert I am going to comment, that is if you posted the sermon at http://www.gracelr.com. OK that was for everyone who wants to hear Gran’t sermon since he didn’t post it here. Sorry Grant although you could “delete” my comment. Trust me brother! I too have sent a one winged worded duck flying through the air of our auditorium. It’s OK. It happens to everyone. As someone once said, “You can’t hit a homer everyweek, onc and a while you might even leave some on base. Let God work through your percieved missed opportunities, and he will.” By the way, the cincy uni’s look like something from the CFL – no offense everyone – or NFLEL. God bless bro!


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