In Atlanta…stumbled on some tickets

I’m here with Rowland at Catalyst (pretty cool website).

Goal: Release, Refresh, Renew, Recharge

And the NLDS between the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros starts tomorrow….at 4.09 pm….at Turner Field….in section 119, row 16.

I think we will have plenty of opportunities to release, refresh, renew, and recharge.


4 thoughts on “In Atlanta…stumbled on some tickets

  1. I have been a HUGE Braves fan since childhood. My dad used to take me to games back in the early 80’s when I’d cheer for Dale Murphy, Claudell Washington and Ken Oberkfeld. Man, I wish I was there! Oh, and guess what, hoser, you’re NUMBER ONE now on the Blogshares Little Rock list! That’s what I get…:D


  2. ahhhhh, october. time for the annual atlanta braves postseason collapse. its become a yearly tradition for me. sorta like thanksgiving (which, for us canadians, is this weekend).astros in 3. :)then again, i shouldnt talk, since my mariners finished like 100 games below .500.


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