The Braves and Catalyst….

Jeremy so eloquantly pointed out that Atlanta’s regular season dominance (14 straight Division titles!!!!) is only matched by their post-season ineptitude (1 Championship).

Unfortunately, I too think the Braves will be done this series. I think it will go 4 games because after Clemons, the Astros are hurting….but so are the Braves.


Heard Andy Stanley, Louie Giglio, and Donald Miller today. My brain is about to explode.

What is good about Catalyst so far:

Content – top notch, challenging, lot’s to unpack when I get home.

Worship – quality is great, although with 8,000 other people…it’s a bit different.

– if you think you need it, it’s here. Small group stuff, large group stuff, worship stuff…lot’s of stuff.

What is NOT good about Catalyst so far:

Resources – It’s a Christian sub-culture ghetto of sorts. One booth had a sign that said “Website designs the way God wants them to be.” Another vendor had a cool looking book called “The Story of God.” I’m thinking – finally, somebody has written a short book that speaks to the post-modern mindset that tells God’s story.

Wrong – it was the NIV New Testament in a cool looking cover. Which about sums up most of the products – same stuff, different packaging.

Space – There is no space to unpack what happens in the session. NONE. There is no physical space to sit around with folks and talk. There is no scheduling space. The whole thing feels crammed and packed.

Row and I skipped the last session tonight just to unpack what we had in our heads so far. 3 hours later – we’re still chewing.

I realize this is short…but more is coming.


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