The Braves Tickets…part 2

Okay -I forgot to tell you the most incredible story about our tickets.

We had pretty good tickets to start with if you remember. I get a call from Shane.

Shane is the President of Frontline Shane tells me that Will Call is not allowing him to drop off my ticket so I can pick it up, but to call Thomas. He will have them.

“For the trouble, I gave you a little gift in your ticket envelope.”

Thomas, I find out, is a parking attendant at the Holiday Inn Select. Which is up by the Olympic Torch which is about a mile walk from the stadium….uphill….against traffic. We felt like salmon.

We get our tickets (finally), rip open the envelope to see a different section.

We are now in 113, row 12. Section 113 is right at first base, behind the Braves dugout. Row 12 is 5 rows from the dugout.

Which just proves…it was God’s will that we went to that game.


2 thoughts on “The Braves Tickets…part 2

  1. Valerie & I watched the first 4 innings and I was looking for you on TV. It would have been amazing to spot you from halfway around the world. If you were that close, it might have been possible.I’m glad that the Astros won that one, but the Rocket couldn’t do his job in Game #2. Still think the ‘Stros will win it.


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