In Dallas with Tom

Tom’s well chronicled back problems landed him in Dallas on short notice. So, we hurriedly packed up the kids and headed to D-town to help out with the recovery.

Funny thing happened on the way to the Doctor – he said there was another doctor who Tom should have the surgery from…in Vienna…125 miles from Budapest.

Errr, well…since we are here…might as well enjoy the time.

So today – we went all out…

Visited Tom and Amy’s high school alma mater…Trinity Christian Academy. (I save my snide academy remarks for another time…although they have a sweet new football field. That same artificial turf that the Colts have.)

Went to the mall and ate while we watched people ice skate.

Ate great mexican food.

Watched the NLCS…watching the NLCS.

Good to be with my bro.


One thought on “In Dallas with Tom

  1. $12k/year in tuition for high school! Gee whiz, even with the 25% discount for PK’s that’s $9k/year/kid–just for tuition!!! I would guess most parents would breathe a sigh of relief when their kids graduate, because I bet their tuition bill drops if their kid goes to an in-state college!


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