Beale Street and Jesus

BB’s was standing room only Saturday night. So the 6 of us fought our way to the back corner, found a small table and were waiting for another to open up. The table next to ours was occupied by a partially drunk man, his date (I think), and another woman who smoked like a chimney. They were all over 50.

They offered us their table when they were done – they were waiting to check out. In that short 5 minutes we talked about the Rolling Stones, Little Rock, the Fed-Ex Forum, The Pyramid, and London, England.

I liked him. He was friendly, engaging, and fun. I think he liked me too.

And that got me thinking – 8 years ago I would not have liked him. I would have judged him. I would have told you that the biggest problem in his life was alcohol…maybe smoking…maybe listening to the Rolling Stones. Now, only 1 of those 3 really bother me.

(Sorry, just not a big Stones fan. I don’t get ’em. Plus the fact that one of them is going to die on national television during the Super Bowl Halftime show is really disturbing me.)

In fact, 8 years ago, I wouldn’t have even been in a position to talk to him. Last week I went to the Bridge and met some other guys (and girl) that I like. I would not elevate my life as the model of transformation…far from it. I take to long to allow God to work.

But He is working. I’m getting a taste of what it means to minister out of compassion and calling as opposed to guilt and duty. I’m getting a taste of what it means to taste and see that God is good.

As Jesus has demanded a re-evalution of my previously held values over the last few years, He painfully pointed out a shocking absence from them.


And that 5 minute conversation with a half-drunk man on Beale Street reminded me that God’s not through with anybody…even me.


2 thoughts on “Beale Street and Jesus

  1. Thanks Grant. And thank God, too, that He is willing to work on us. . .and wait on us. I’m so glad He’s is soooo merciful, gracious, and redeeming. I’m getting to where you are now. God has really impressed upon me the need in our world today to sit with those whose lifestyle is not like ours and talk, live, laugh, and love. I’m pretty sure that’s in the Bible somewhere.Thanks again for the hope you give me that one day I, too, can be transformed.


  2. if only we didn’t have comfort zones… I’ve been like you described – judging would be the first reaction. that’s so much easier than spending time with those who make us uncomfortable. seems like nobody he hung out with made Jesus uncomfortable, but most of them would make many Christians very much so. maybe having a heart for such people means you’re becoming more like Him.P.S. I used to work at Beale St and Riverside, a small software company in Beale Street Landing, for about 2 years right out of college.


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