Meeting My Friends For the First Time

In August of 2005, I made of list of bloggers I’d like to meet. I really need to update that list because now I have a few more I’d like to add to that list BUT…I did get to meet Robert Terrell.

He blogs about our meeting here. We met in this cool little coffee shop in Texarkana. Here is the well thought out, patiently taken photo by Robert. He’s such a stud!


It took about 20…seconds to get warmed up and over 3 hours later we realized we had run out of time. We’ll have to do it again…maybe we can have a Southeast Regional Blogger Convention….what do you think?


4 thoughts on “Meeting My Friends For the First Time

  1. I promise we’ll actually hook up and meet sometime when I’m in the Rock. Of course, I usually try to steer clear of thug-looking characters, but I’ll make an exception for a pastor with an earring.


  2. wow, i took a really lousy photo. look how blurry that is!

    i like the idea of a southwest blogger thingy. adding a pig roast to the whole affair makes it even better. instead of calling it a convetion or a pig roast how about calling it the 1st annual southwest bloggers cage match? or slapfest? it’s makes it seem so much more gritty.


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