Brasil, Brazil, Brahzeel

I will humbly admit…after a very heated email exchange between Wayne and I, that I do not get as many emails as Wayne does. But I do not think that a subscription to Biker Babes should count.

In the meantime, so many of you have asked us about Brazil. Are we going? How much money do you need (we like those questions)? Is this a precursor for ya’ll moving down there?

Porte Allegre, Brazil and Thomas and Agnes and all the other missionaries are permenently lodged in our hearts. This will be my 4th trip, Amy’s 3rd. Their mission is to reach the youth culture of southern Brazil for Christ using sports and adventure experiences to do this. This is us teaching them dodgeball.


They have a growing ministry to the poorest of school systems around their camp. Here are all the blogs from there last year.

When we go, we traditionally spend all week in public schools telling them about America and Jesus, invite them to hang out with us at English camp the upcoming weekend.

This year as I transitioned (was demoted) out of youth ministry, I wrestled as to my role in this. The current leadership decided (and I agreed) that a trip this year was just to much to ask. As Amy and I prayed…I just knew we needed to go. I called Thomas and told him the situation. He said that he had already advertised and pushed the camp. Could Amy and I at least come and lead the worship and talks at the English camp? Plus, he has a couple of new missionary staff – this could be a great time to hang out with them and encourage them.

All the confirmation I needed. We had a role…let’s go.

No teenagers this time? Right and I hated that at first. However, I have to also admit that as the trip is playing out and what Thomas needs…it’s more about equipping and encouraging adults that work with teens. Lot’s of time with the missionaries and local churches as to the ‘hows’ of international youth culture.

What does that mean? It means we have to come up with $3,000. Around $2,000 we’ve already spent on airline tickets. Yes, Grace can/will accept your check, put Brazil in the memo. If we have your snail mail…you are going to get a wonderful form letter asking for prayer and money. Do with it what you please…fire starter, etc…

How much have raise so far? Let’s see…..$0. It’s a slow start but I’m not worried.

Are we going long term? No. Not yet. Probably not. Hopefully. He heehe… I said that mostly to send my mom and mother-in-law into cardiac arrest. As much as we love Porte Allegre, we are pretty convinced that for now – we aren’t called there. We do more good for them here in the states than we would on the scene.

I’ll update when I know more…we appreciate both of you who read this blog.:)


3 thoughts on “Brasil, Brazil, Brahzeel

  1. You saw the biker babes email!!! I can see the counseling session coming now — life group intervention maybe.

    Hey, the guys are at your house Monday, right? 🙂


  2. Duh…dates!! We leave March 30th (right after your wedding, jlo) and return April 9thish…I think…

    Wayne – no…the guys are meeting at Roger’s house and the gals at On the Border. The children are at Steve’s with Chili Willie.


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