Rob’s A Real Friend

Got an email from Rob this morning. It said this…


I’m having a wonderful time in England.”

He sends me a picture of two guys sitting at a computer…here is a link to it.

Well I don’t really know what is more disturbing.

A. It’s (probably) a form email to all his friends reminding them that while we have 6 more weeks of winter – he’s hanging out with the Redcoats.

Which reminds me of a great supposed Patton quote: “The English and the American are a common people separated by a common language.”

B. I’d do the same thing if I were over there and I can’t. I mean, “I’m having a wonderful time in Little Rock” doesn’t exactly arouse the same emotions.

C. Of all the cool pics he took – he sent me this one. Guess what, Rob? The inside of a conference in England looks just like the inside of a conference in Arkansas.

Thanks for the update Rob…we can all sleep better now.

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4 thoughts on “Rob’s A Real Friend

  1. Heh heh! Yup. I consider you such a friend that I don’t mind blasting you a simple, computer-generated, cutomized ePostcard.

    There were so many photos to choose from. I sent that email to my ministry email list so I wanted to show a photo a little more “ministry-related”. Patricia always tells me to take photos of people.

    I like photos of non-people. People just get in the way sometimes.

    That statement is a little deeper than I meant it, but it applies. 😉


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