Fun Night With Terrells

I finally met Robert about a month ago. He was supposed to preach for us tomorrow. We did Kobe Steak House instead. It wasn’t by choice – every other restaurant in Little Rock was closed. Taco Bell was open but that doesn’t count.

Robert has a beautiful family. Well, let me rephrase that. He has a beautiful wife. Adam and Noah are your typical boys (6th grade and 3rd grade). Throw my typical 2nd grade boy in the mix and well…you’ve got an obnoxious lock-in waiting to happen.

Here’s the fam pre-meal:
Terrell Family

Yeah, gotta love 6th graders, don’t you? Here’s the guy spinning an egg on a spatula.
Kobe Steak House

And finally, a family portrait in the Hyundai after the meal.
hyundai family portrait

Coming home was great. Took three times to get in our driveway. Finally, slid the white car right into the driveway…”Like A Glove!!!!!”

Fun night!


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