The Perfect Day…Monday, Feb 27th, 2006

It started with watching Cooper be Abraham Lincoln for a class report. Underneath that beard is a bow tie. Cooper’s favorite fact about Lincoln – he was the tallest president. So much for great moral causes, right? ha ha.


Next, fishing with Rowland at this beautiful place just outside of Stuttgart, Arkansas. DSCF0012

Here’s a couple of pictures of the 35 fish we caught in 2 hours. I’ll let that sink in for a moment.


We were pulling into the dock. I had landed 17 largemouth, Row had parked 17. He grabs his rod and says – “One cast to break the tie.”

Yeah right, whatever mid-life crisis boy.

Final count…Rowland 18, Grant 17. You can click on the pictures for more foolishness on the lake.

Next – we ate at Cotham’s Mercantile Store in Scott, Arkansas. Notice that the diner/hardware store is OVER the lake. I had fried pork chops, okra, white beans, jalepena hush puppies, and sweet tea.



Complete the day with a romantic dinner at Wendy’s with Amy and Life Group – man, thank you God for a great day. I really needed it.


One thought on “The Perfect Day…Monday, Feb 27th, 2006

  1. Mid-Life Crisis Boy, Huh? Well, I guess this “old man” showed the “young buck” to respect his elders! That will teach him to try and tie me….


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