Marathon 4

Here is the pre-race picture. Not a bad looking crew. This is the 4th Half-Marathon for Amy and Angie, the 1st for Kristi! Pre-Race Pictures

Some other random observation about runners. It’s amazing to me the many different running styles. There are some people you just look at and go – how in the world do they walk, let alone run? Some run crooked, some run straight up, some slouched over, some smile, some look like they are seriously constipated. There is a Dr. Suess book in that somewhere.

Mom Fan Club 2

Kids at marathons. They are awesome. They’re high fiving everybody – just screaming their heads off – “You can do it!!! Keep running!!!”

Encouraging Kids

So, Amy and Angie run by and get their high five here. And I’m looking down the road for Kristi. Meanwhile, this guy in lime green shirt pushes over to the side and high-fives everyone of the kids and says “Thanks, kids!” I look up, should’ve snap the picture but I’ve got like 97 pictures already of this. Like the one above.

Rich, Kristi’s husband, says to me. “Hey, that was Mike.”

“Mike who?”

“Mike Huckabee, the governor. Probably going to run for president next time.”

“So like, I probably should have taken his picture with the kids, huh?”

“Yeah. That would have been a good thing. Here comes Kristi.”

So there you are – Grant misses a picture for the ages. But I didn’t loose any kids PLUS no accidents. Praise God for porta-potties!

Thank God for These

Finally, the 3 Amigos finish and all is right. We ate, we took naps, we bathed, we went to bed. Click on the pictures to see some more pics of the day!

Mission Accomplished


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