Lofton’s Wedding, New Old Friends

Jason did the deed. He kissed Cindy for the first time AFTER they were pronounced husband and wife. How freakin’ cool is that?

Here are two cool pics of the evening. First is Jason and Cooper. For some reason, these two guys kinda just hit it off. Jason took Cooper to his first Hog game. Cooper had his first road trip sans family with Jason. Why a med school student now a doctor would want to spend that kind of time with a 8 year-old boy, I don’t know. I’m just thankful that God’s filled my house with godly men like Jason, the Matts, Ken, and the Tumlinsons.

Coop and Jason

And here is the “infamous” Virginia Steger. We had a great laugh and what a pleasant bunch of people the Stegers are. My gorgeous girls beside her. (btw – Paul and Cathy – they are moving to O-town. I’ll e-introduce ya’ll.)

Virginia and the Girls

It was a great wedding, lots of laughter and memories made. Met some new old friends…can’t beat that. Now on to stress about Brazil… haha ha


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