Pouring Concrete and Eating

We poured Hugo and Helen’s floor yesterday. I learned how to level a floor using plastic tubing and water. Crazy but effective! I’ll upload pictures when I can – I’m in a LAN house right now.

English Camp is this weekend and I’ve got how I’m going to open and how I’m going to close…nothing in the middle. Harry kindly reminded me that is how we roll anyway – start ’em off, know where you are going but sweat how you’ll get there. Be free to follow the whispers of the Spirit.

When you think about it…not a bad way to live is it?

My Lent Day posts are on hiatus but I’ll catch them all up next week.

Pray for the weekend that many students will meet Jesus.


2 thoughts on “Pouring Concrete and Eating

  1. So, which is more surprising … Grant & Harry doing manual labor, or Steve reading and replying to a blog? HEY – eat a chicken’s heart for me while you are there.


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