Safe, Not So Sound

We are home. Well…we are at my in-laws, which is home enough.

I’m watching the championship game on my father-in-law’s widescreen HDTV in HDTV, with wireless internet and a hide-a-bed. All I need is a toilette (or shower) and I don’t think I’d ever leave this room. That’s not so much a comment on my love of technology as much as it is the condition of my heart and mind.

The game is a perfect distraction to my very full mind. This week I’m on vacation. So eventually I’ll blog on all that stuff because that’s what I do.

But for now – my heart and my head are still in Brazil. A beautiful country with beautiful people who desparately need Jesus. 60 percent of the 3 million population in Porte Alegre is 30 years old or younger. Spiritism is the leading religion.

The trip was awesome is so many ways, lots of God moments but leaving is always terrible. It just gets harder and harder each time. Below is Hugo and Helen. We did their floor and in return, Hugo made us sign one of the tiles that he will use to finish it. If you’d like to see more pics, just click on this one.

hugo and helen's tile

Lots of laughs, saw 7 Brazillian teens decide to follow Jesus, encouraged some of the hardest working missionaries I have ever known and even now I am looking forward to my next trip.


3 thoughts on “Safe, Not So Sound

  1. Oh . . How many times I’ve wanted to be in front of that HDTV. I became pretty close to it last summer. It misses me 🙂

    Yesterday, I would have been watching opening day baseball and the hoops last night. I settled for a little baseball on the internet. Not too bad.

    Sounds like a great trip although from the pictures it looks like you worked pretty hard.

    Miss you guys. Talk to you soon.


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