Road Trip, Day 1

We left Little Rock at 8.30….here are some pics…tomorrow is the big day – Vegas, Hoover Dam, a Ghost Town, Death Valley.

Today…Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico….whooo-hoooo.

Try to stay awake reading this post.

Windmills in Oklahoma. Just like MI-3 but without the helicopters and gunfire and excitement. They are huge. Who changes the little red light on top when it goes out?

Windmills in Oklahoma

Next up, Texas and the largest cross in the Western Hemisphere. It’s huge. You can see it for miles. In fact, Rowland and I are still in Oklahoma when we took this picture.

Largest Cross in Western Hemisphere

New Mexico is gorgeous once you get to the middle…in order to get to the middle, you have to drive through this…

New Mexico

And the Silver Moon Cafe, one of the oldest diner on Route 66. Authentic Mexican food. Food was okay. Price was way to high. Service was horrible. Santa Rosa’s Worst Place To Eat.

Santa Rosa's Worst Place to Eat

Those of us who are blessed/cursed with the gift of sarcasm, ever notice when you get tired AND you’re on the road AND you get rude service how quick your sarcasm gift is? It’s like you are in the zone, hitting on all cylinders.

Happened today at a Dairy Queen. A very large woman was behind the counter and I asked if it was possible to get a peanut buster blizzard. She curtly said “Anything is possible.”

I did NOT say out loud what I was thinking. I did tell Rowland and we about rolled the truck he was laughing so hard. Had something to do with buffets and self-discipline….Father, forgive me.

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5 thoughts on “Road Trip, Day 1

  1. Well, I jealous! I love road trips. Keep the blogs coming so those of us tied to a desk can try to live vicariously through you for a bit.


  2. Just, FYI — if those “windmills” were off I-40 maybe 60 or so miles outside of OK City, then that was the Weatherford Wind Farm. Each one of those windmills can generate up to 1.5 MW (that’s MegaWatts) if they are GE turbines. 1.5 MW = 1,500,000 Watts — or enought to light 15,000 one hundred watt light bulbs.

    Here is a link with some more details…

    We are getting quite a few of these in the SPP footprint.


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