Ghosts and Area 51

So we eat dinner in Las Vegas and a guy comes up to Rowland and says “Hey – he looks like Taylor!”

To which Rowland says – “No, he looks like me.”

Quite funny. It’s questionable if the guy was sober enough to catch the humor.

Next begins the most bizarre part of the trip. We are leaving Las Vegas at rush hour. Good thing I’m driving. That way Rowland can explain in detail how to download a printer driver and install it to Carson, his son. He has a report due and needs to print it. So after 45 minutes, we’ve got a printer driver downloaded AND we are finally out of Las Vegas heading out to a military training site called Indian Springs on the map.

It’s really Area 51. For being a top secret military base – it’s got a lot of fans. At least that is what I think. In the meantime the Smith Report Crisis has escalated. Kitty takes the document to our house to print it. But we don’t have the same program they have and they are calling us on our cell phones asking for help from us.

During one of these exchanges I look at Rowland and comment – do you find any irony in the fact that our wives are in the city, with Kinkos, computers and wireless internet and they are calling us in the middle of the desert for help?

At that exact moment, Amy calls for a question and I answer her but I’m not really paying attention because I see this bird coming straight towards the truck. This is what happened next.

Bird in Grill

DIRECT HIT!! I yell in the phone. THAT WAS FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!! Amy, however does not grasp the importance of such moment and hangs up on me. Her loss.

So next we drive to Rhyolite, Nevada. It’s a ghost town with an open air art museum next to it. (Don’t ask, I have no idea….) There were 6,000 people in this town around 1906. This is what it looks like today.

Rhyolite, Nevada

The Station at Rhyolite

And the art museum….

We called this one “Cinderblock Playmate.”

Cinderblock Playmate

And right next to it – The Last Supper…

The Last Supper

As we were leaving the Ghost Town, Rowland snapped this photo. It turned out awesome.

View from Rhyolite

More later…

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3 thoughts on “Ghosts and Area 51

  1. We think Taylor looks like Rowland too!
    By the way, was that the New Bronco Jersey next to the fish?
    Be safe. It looks as if you two are having way too much fun.
    Love and prayers,


  2. What? New jersey? Nope that was my old Elway one…..


    Was some one being sneaky in Springfield?????? You are so busted, Mom!!!

    Did you get me a bronco jersey for my birthday?????


  3. OOPS! Am I retarded or what? Dad was to mail the jersey so you would have it BEFORE you went on the trip! I just talked to Amy who had emailed me that The Cat was out of the Bag! I am so busted! Sorry to spoil the surprise. It is at home for you when you return. Hope you enjoy it anyway.
    I love you,


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