Road Trip, Day 2

Albuquerque, 6.28 AM – I’m up. Mountain Time Zone is awesome. Why the heck did they have to name the city this? It’s freakin’ hard to spell. Here was the view as we left town around 7.04 AM. (We’re men. We don’t need an hour to get pretty.)

Minor, insignificant conversation the night before with Rowland.

“Hey Grant, think we need to get a reservation somewhere near Yosemite for tomorrow night?”

“Nah. It’s Thursday and worse case scenario, we’ll find a local place around Big Pine or Bishop.” We’ll come back to this.

albuquerque ballon

After endless hours of mesas and sagebrush, we hit Flagstaff. Honestly – it was a letdown. It’s a small town but we got good food at the base of the mountain. Del Taco.

Del Taco in Flagstaff

Ran into some traffic due to this fiasco. Rolled his RV. That’s just gonna ruin your day, you know.
Turned Over RV

Next up was my second favorite thing we did today – Hoover Dam. “Welcome to the Dam Tour.” The pictures don’t do it justice. It just makes you feel small. At one point, we were in two states and two time zones at the same time. Counseling is helping.

Hoover First Look

Looking Down

Las Vegas and the Strip. I really don’t know how to describe it – Branson on Crack comes to mind. It’s a nicer New Orleans…and I’m not sure that’s a compliment. We saw a couple getting married at the chapel. No Elvis sightings.

The Strip

Drive In Wedding Chapel

Coming Next: Area 51 and Ghost Town

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3 thoughts on “Road Trip, Day 2

  1. Dam!?!? I’m jealous. (oh what a difference a comma and the letter n can make)

    This is an awesome trip. Why didn’t you invite me? I really want to get out to that area.


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