Road Trip, Day 3…the home stretch to San Jose

Remember this conversation? Yeah, well, we roll into Bishop, California around 10 PM. It’s a small town of 15,000 but we are noticing tons of trucks and lots of no vacancy signs.

What the heck? It’s Mule Days. Some annual rite of passage that swells Bishop to the size of 25,000. That’s pretty ridiculous…especially if you don’t have reservations….which we didn’t.

So we stroll up to the Holiday Inn Express whose no vacancy sign is off. And for a mere $135…we get a room. She discounted it for us from $255. I was so stunned that even my quit sarcastic humor couldn’t kick in.

However, our view in the morning was worth it….I think….

View from Hotel in Bishop, CA

This bakery is the best in the world…homemade bread smells pours into the street and you can smell it for blocks.

The Schat Bakery in bishop, CA

Next up – Yosemite National Park. We get to the entrance – slight problem. Highway 120 that will take us through the park and on to San Jose is closed due to snow. It’s 54 where we are and we’re wearing shorts…no worries, up to highway 108. Here are some of the pics.

Rowland and I  - final take

Me at the Pass

Coming down the pass, Rowland smokes out his brakes. Literally…you know, those other gears are there for a reason. But we massage our way down the pass and see this – our next purchase.

The Ultimate SUV

And as we roll into San Jose – we see more of these….I think of Wayne for a split second then realize he’s behind a desk. Back to my happy life.

More Power Windmills

We make a pit stop into Arlen Ness’ shop. A custom motorcyle shop, he makes the Victory. What a cool place.

Arlen Ness.....stud

The Upstairs Gallery

This is Rowland’s new church – their chapel. How awesome is that?
Church on Hill Stained Glass

And his new office….check out the painting.
Rowland in new confines

And the biggest pine cone I’ve ever seen from a redwood. If you like the pics, there are more at flickr, just click on any of the pics and you will magically be taken away there.
Redwood Pine Cone

Tomorrow – Pac Bell stadium, Golden Gate Bridge, San Fran, perhaps Alcatraz…..


4 thoughts on “Road Trip, Day 3…the home stretch to San Jose

  1. Grant, this road trip travelogue is a masterpiece!

    sorry you got skunked out of Yosemite. Most people don’t know this, but this is where God went to rest on the 7th day. It is the most amazing place on Planet Earth!

    Don’t miss the chance to eat at In N Out Burger while you’re there.


  2. Hey Grant,
    This is Pam (Robert’s wife–we got iced in while in Little Rock *g*). I’m a blog lurker–dontcha just ahte that? Anyway, I’m enjoying reading your adventure, but as I was a summer missionary in the SF Bay area for 10 weeks I must implore you to go to Alcatraz. If you do nothing else in SF, Alcatraz is hands-down the coolest thing. Ghiradelli is great, walking across the GG Bridge, driving down Lombard St., etc. It’s a really cool place. Have fun!


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